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Past Productions - September 2016: Enjoy by Alan Bennett - directed by Guy Peskin

Photography by Martin Smith


Written in 1980, Enjoy is one of the great Alan Bennett's darker comedies, set in Leeds, which still has all his witty trademark observations on life.

This play centres around Mam and Dad, a working class couple, who are shortly to be rehoused by "the men in grey suits ".

Dad, extolling the virtues of secretary daughter Linda, thinks everything will be better when they move. Absent minded Mam, continually singing extracts from Ivor Novello, idolises  absent son Terry.

A social worker, calling to observe their lives, turns out to be Terry in drag.

Linda, in reality a prostitute, breezes in, shattering Dad's illusions.

The house is dismantled around their ears to be built in a park preserving the ideals of family life.

Mam will be in a showcase, whilst Dad is carted off to the geriatric ward.

Alternately funny and perceptive, Enjoy gives plenty of food for thought.

Production Team