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The Pump House Theatre Company was formed in the early 1970s with the sole intention of providing top class amateur theatre for the local community. Since then the old Victorian Pumping Station, which was taken over by a small group of enthusiasts, has developed and improved beyond recognition.

Thanks to the dedication and hard work of those pioneers, and that of the growing number of volunteers over the years, today we present our productions in a comfortable, tiered studio theatre that seats just over 120 people. There are also bar areas, rehearsal rooms and meeting places, which are shared by other groups that use the centre’s facilities.

The Theatre Company stages three productions a year with the aim of presenting its audiences with as diverse and entertaining a programme as possible. Just a glance down our list of past productions will show the sheer volume and variety of work that has been produced.

Membership of the Theatre Company normally averages around 70 enthusiastic people. A good percentage of these aim to be cast in the plays, yet a fair proportion are happier working backstage as set designers or stage managers or helping with set construction, properties, wardrobe, lighting & sound. Whatever job they do, all our members are responsible for the continuing success of the Pump House Theatre Company, 40 years after its conception. And that’s what guarantees its future.

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