You don't have to be a member to audition. Our auditions are open to everyone and we welcome new members - whether you want to be involved onstage or backstage. 

Readthrough and audition details for our April 2020 production are detailed below:


by Gail Young
To be directed by Mark Dawson

Performance Dates:

Monday 13th April to Saturday 18th April 2020
Evenings only @ 7.45pm

Thursday 7th November 2019

Charles Room. Pump House Theatre, Watford

19:30pm - 22:00pm


Thursday 14th November 2019

Charles Room. Pump House Theatre, Watford

19:30pm - 22:00pm

*Please note: Anyone is welcome to attend the readthrough and auditions but, if you are offered a part in the production or take up a backstage role, you will need to become a member of the company. See our Join Us page for more information on becoming a member.


Tuesdays & Thursdays with occasional Sundays TBD

1st Rehearsal Tuesday 7th January 2020

Upper Rehearsal Room. Pump House Theatre, Watford

Arrive from 19:30pm (ready to start 19:45pm) - 22:00pm finish

Time Period:

Present day


A Park in Cheshire, Chester Train Station; London

Character Information:

Note: (C) next to a character name = Cheshire Accent (can be a mix of Mancunian or Liverpudlain). (L) Next to a character name can be southeast or London regional accent. A central northern accent is also fine if you are unable to nail Mancunian / Liverpudlain.


Hilary (C) - Bombastic, middle-aged or older team leader/organiser

Siobhan (C) - Caring and diplomatic. Middle-aged or older long-time friend of Hilary

Yvonne (C) - Overworked stressed-out middle-aged mum. Also a friend of Hilary.

Maggie (C) - Overweight younger mum, lacks confidence but sprightly, early to late twenty’s

Vicky (C) - Artistic, fit, glamorous middle-aged or older divorcee

Andrew (C) - Toy boy type, confident bit of a player, cocky cheeky chap late twenty’s to mid thirties

Handsome Drunk (L) - Can be played as a city banker 40s plus or an older eccentric thespian lovie type character 50s upwards.

Madge (L) - Elderly cockney marshal married to Ron, bubbly character full of energy and life

Ron (L) - Elderly cockney marshal, married to Madge, generally miserable persona, but deep down kind hearted

Aerobics Instructor – Will also be the Policeman/Woman - Male or Female - Full of energy. Basic stretching with enthusiasm who can get a crowd motivated

1 x Steward - Male or female - Firm but fair official type. Can put on a stern front when needed but friendly really. Middle aged. Tall and well-built type preferred.


Please click on the following link to download a zip file containing all the audition pieces:




Please feel free to contact the director, Mark Dawson, with any questions you may have about the play by emailing Mark at

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