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City of Champions by Steve Brown

Performances 11th - 15th April 2023

We are thrilled to announce this strong, powerful and challenging piece of theatre written by our own Steve Brown and putting on challenging, innovative theatre is what we at the PHTC were set up to do every now and then.

City of Champions opened in the London Theatre Workshop in 2017 for a very successful 3 week engagement, receiving critical acclaim and Best off West End Awards. This sensitive and absorbing drama goes behind the glitz and glamour of Tinseltown to expose a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah.

If you don't want to perform we are always looking for people to work Front of house and also Backstage. 

City of Champions artwork.jpg


Laurie Munro                        James Sheppard

Lonnie Drake                        Tim Williams

Amie Drake                           Katy Jane Meehan

Barbara Munro                     Liz Wells

Mary Celeste                        Elaine Griffin

James Hudson Phillips        Guy Peskin

James Sheppard & Tim Williams

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