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stage play by

Martin McDonagh

Hangmen Poster.jpg

Mon 18th to Sat 23th

September  2023

READING is THURSDAY 4th MAY [ 7.45pm in URR]

AUDITION is THURSDAY 11th MAY [ 7.45pm in URR)

Rehearsals start Tuesday 13th JUNE

 Set primarily in Oldham in the 1960's

Characters :-

Harry 40-60 Landlord/ 2nd best Hangman in England

Syd 40-60 Harry's assistant hangman

Alice 40 -60 Harry's wife / Landlady

Shirley 15-20 Harry's daughter / naïve

Mooney 30's Strange visitor from London

Clegg 30's + Journalist

Bill 40's + Alcoholic / sycophant

Charlie 40's + Pub Regular / sycophant

Arthur 60's + Partly deaf/ sycophant

Inspector Fry 50's + Spends more time in pub than at work

Pierrepoint 60's The best Hangman in England

Hennessey 30's Londoner/ neurotic

Prison Doctor, Prison Governor + Guards

Please do not hesitate to contact/ message me

for further information / to register interest on fbook

messenger or email :-

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