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past productions:



directed by ABBE WAGHORN

(Running time approx. 80 minutes)

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Adults play adolescents in a play that brings the generations together.

Set in that time after the end of the last day of school, but just before everyone moves on. It's about the cusp of adulthood, the cusp of complete change.

Jess is Mike's girlfriend. Tom is Mike's best friend, but he's secretly in love with Jess. Emilia is Jess' best friend and she's about to get drunk for the first time. Lizzy is Mike's annoying younger sister. And Ronny, well no-one invited Ronny and no one's quite sure why he's there. As dawn approaches, through a fog of cheap beer, dreams are shared, insecurities aired and secrets spilled.

Funny, wise, and poignant, Seventeen will turn our notions of adolescence and adulthood on their head.

Reviews from the Lyric Hammersmith production (2017):

“A striking portrait of youth” (Guardian)

“Joyous” (Independent)


Photos by Martin Smith -

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